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4 Questions with Award-Winning Katie Ganshert | Author Interview

(This interview is part of my 4 Questions Project, where I get the chance to chat with authors and tell stories of people, life, and adventure. Be sure to check out previous interviews here!)

I’ve said this before on the blog, but Katie’s contemporary stories are some of my favorite in that genre. She has a way of captivating the reader and make you fall in love with reading all over again! I hope you enjoy this interview as much as me.

Award-winning author, Katie Ganshert, graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison with a degree in education, and worked as a fifth grade teacher for several years before staying home to write full-time. She was born and raised in the Midwest, where she lives with her family. When she’s not busy penning novels or spending time with her people, she enjoys drinking coffee with friends, reading great literature, and eating copious amounts of dark chocolate.

4 Questions

1. What is something about your life right now that you would have never imagined 5 years ago?
That I’d be a coffee lover! Seriously, five years ago, I hated coffee. I couldn’t even stand the taste of coffee-flavored ice cream, and I love ice cream. But one morning a while back, I was desperate for an extra kick. So I mixed hot chocolate with coffee, and you know what? It wasn’t the worst thing. Plus, the caffeine kick was great. Then I discovered the world of flavored coffee creamer. My morning cup used to be roughly half creamer, half coffee. Now I just use a little dash, and I drink coffee every morning.

2. What is one thing that you would go back and do differently if you could?
I wouldn’t do anything differently, because every choice I made—including every mistake and failure—made me who I am and brought me to where I am today. Since I like where I am and believe God has me here for a reason, I wouldn’t do anything differently. However, I would worry less. I’ve wasted a lot of energy worrying about things that a) never ended up happening or b) wasn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

3. What is one of the happiest moments of your life?
I’d say it’s a toss-up between the day my husband proposed, finding out we were pregnant with our son while in New York City, holding my Congolese daughter for the first time, or the day I got the call from my agent that I was going to be a published author.

4. What is one thing you want the next generation to know?
Be careful with technology. If you let it, it can rob your life. Turn off the phone. Get away from the screen. Have actual conversations with people. I guarantee when you’re old you won’t regret it.

Thank you so so much for sharing your heart and some of your story Katie! I am most definitely inspired by your journey so far. 

P.S. Katie also recently released a YA series and you should check it out! I have the first one ready for me to read and can’t wait to dive in!

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