New Things and Old Things

Isn’t it funny how you start off the year with new goals and new ideas and then halfway through, you’re in a totally different spot. There’s many reasons for this, one being outside life circumstances, but sometimes the Lord is simply calling to you and stirring your hearts in new ways.

That’s where I’ve been (as I’m sure you noticed with the lack of posting on both blogs). Part of it has been life (the summer was really busy – I bought myself a house for my 35th birthday. Yay for mortgages!! :)), but also the Lord whispering to my heart. A change of direction.

I promise the next line isn’t “I’m moving to Europe!” (Although, um…so game!), but a shift in my online writing. I’ve had two blogs for a while, but the past several months I haven’t been sure where I was going with each one. It didn’t seem like I should have two, but I still really enjoyed writing for each one. Did I just stop altogether? I admit, that’s where I was for several weeks, but I didn’t feel peace about that either.

I know it probably seems a bit dramatic to talk about blogs this way, but I truly wanted to be faithful to whatever the Lord was asking of me. So what’s the final verdict? One blog, but a combination of the two. Will I be blogging every day? Not quite. My goal is at least once a week and will be a variety of life posts and bookish posts. I’m figuring out other details (like my Inklings), but I’m ready for a change. I’m also slowly moving over popular posts from each blog to have in the archives, so you can still find them. Plus it’s always nice to have the reminders of early blogging days – sometimes it’s cringe worthy, but worth remembering. (Although true confession, sad to lose all the comments – there were some fun discussions!)

When I first started blogging back in 2012, my time and desire fit my blogging schedule. But, as life happens with new chapters, I don’t have the time (and no longer want to) spend several hours a week on blogging (how different my weekends are with a house. Grass Internet. Grass. It likes to grow). I loved the years when I did that – it was exciting starting and pursuing something I loved. I still love it and am forever thankful it opened up doors to the career I’m in now, but I’m no longer in a place to spend my nights and most weekends working on the blog. And that’s okay. I’m excited to still be in the blogging and bookish world, but at a pace that is healthy for where I’m at now.

I’ll still have my newsletter and of course I won’t stop reading and sharing about my favorite reads on other social channels in addition to blog posts, but I’m excited about this new direction.

I’d love to stay in touch! Here’s how to find me:

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9 thoughts on “New Things and Old Things”

  1. Aw, we’ll be sad to see less of Blogger Jamie, but I understand. You do have to do what’s best.

    Best of luck with these new endeavor’s, friend. 🙂

    (PS: I think there is some kind of tool that lets you also transfer comments… or maybe I’m thinking of another process… sometimes I’m clueless. ;D Either way, I’d be sad to lose comments too – because as you say, readers spark great conversation.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks friend! It’s always hard to slow down on something you love, but I’ve learned from past mistakes that you gotta do what’s best 😛 I have some fun plans with Instagram and such, so looking forward to more bookish chats that way!

      I’m going to definitely look into comments tool – that would be so great to transfer them over!


  2. Congratulations, Jamie! And Happy 35th BTW (belated!)

    A mortgage – a house! Yay. Grass! Yay! Excited for you, friend. Always enjoy reading your musings, so good on you for making that your new blog title. I’ve loved seeing your photos of Catalyst and hanging with Katie Davis … what a girl she is!

    And love that you’re loving your job and Colorado life …

    Grace and peace, Jamie.

    PS… I’ve stopped watching TWD – I just lost interest last season and so haven’t bothered to tune in with what’s happening now. I think the new season just began? You watching it?


    1. Thanks for all the encouragement Ian! I really appreciate it and am reminded of the many blessings. God is faithful in all things and this season has been such an example of that!

      I’m the same with WD! I haven’t finished last season (although it popped up on Netflix, so I’m thinking I’ll finish). The new season starts this month. I’ve heard the second half of last season got so much better and were some of the best episodes, so we’ll see! I’ll keep you posted!


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