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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 7

What organizations or people do you know that are making the world a better place?

One of my favorite scenes in The Two Towers movie is right after Sam rushes to save Frodo from the Nazgûl. As Frodo walked towards the Nazgûl, he was drawn to put on the ring, slowly allowing the power of the ring to creep in. Sam once again saves Frodo, but still under the spell, Frodo lashes out at Sam. With a sword drawn on his best friend, Sam reminds him, that’s he’s Sam, his friend. Frodo recovers and, understandably, is upset at his actions and wondering how they will ever move on. He wonders out loud if the fight is still worth it and worth holding on to. That’s where Sam comes:

Whenever I think of organizations and people who are doing incredible work to make the world a better place, I think of Samwise Gamgee. He knew the work was hard and risky, but it was worth fighting for. I think more than ever, we can use this reminder from Sam.

Here’s a list of organizations that are doing incredible work around the world and all incredibly organizations if you’re looking for a way to get involved.

(Question from Be Bold Every Day)

Bonus LOTR material 🙂

2 thoughts on “30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 7”

  1. I loved this! Not only for the LOTR quote but because we need to be reminded of the awesome goodness that is still in the world today. Here’s one that my wife and I have decided to start volunteering at. Well, well worth checking out, https://grimmandco.co.uk/our-story/our-magical-story/ and here is where the founder got there inspiration from, which is on your side of the pond, please do check this out 826 Valencia model and watch this,https://www.ted.com/talks/dave_eggers_makes_his_ted_prize_wish_once_upon_a_school?utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare

    Please keep shining your light and making the world that little bit brighter.


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