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New From Ink & Willow: Rise Up: A Coloring Book Celebrating Black Courage, Resilience, and Faith

It’s here! This is one of my passion projects from Ink & Willow this year. Just in time for Christmas!!

About Rise Up

This reflective and empowering coloring book for adults offers a celebration of Black voices, culture, and history, along with inspiration to stand boldly against injustice.

Rise Up invites you to draw strength, courage, and hope from a variety of inspiring quotes, including historical and contemporary Black voices, the Bible, and hymns. Throughout the book you’ll color beautifully designed illustrations that celebrate Black culture and experiences, all drawn by talented Black artists.

Features include:
    45 single-sided coloring pages in a large 9.75” x 9.75” (25x25cm) format
    High-quality bright white paper stock–thick enough to use pens, pencils, or markers without worrying about the color bleeding through.
    Perforated pages to easily pull out for coloring and framing. 
    Quotes from well-known voices like Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, Maya Angelou, and Sojourner Truth; current leading antiracism educators and authors like Latasha Morrison and Jemar Tisby; Black spirituals and hymns; and Bible verses that uplift and encourage.
    A link to the “Rise Up” Spotify playlist featuring songs and hymns performed by Black musicians and artists
    The back of each page will feature the full quote and details on the historical context.

The fight for reconciliation and justice is long and weary. Find rest for your heart and revitalize your warrior soul as you color your way through the words of the witnesses who have gone before you.

Available at your favorite retailer! You can find the list here.

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