Courage, Dear You by Rachel Marie Kang: Inklings Week 2022

Welcome to Inklings Week 2022! You can find all the posts for this week here.

The words echo from age-old ink

etched on blank pages

full of black lines.

“Courage, dear heart.”

Really, the words are for 

The Child of Light, but, 

then, isn’t that me?

And isn’t that you, too?

And aren’t we the ones ever peering

beyond all that winters and withers?

Aren’t we the ones ever grasping for whispers in the wind? The holy hand of a loving lion, as if there were such a thing.

We carry daggers in our pockets and swords swung around our necks, dressed to wage the wars of darkness.

The words were never meant for the spell and spine of books, pages bound between covers, or characters in chapters.

The words were for me

and they were for you, too.

“Courage, dear heart.” 

Courage, as you live and love and look out into the landscape of your losses. Courage in your valiant victories, courage in your kingdom.

Courage, as you fight with faith.

Courage, as you lift up light.

Courage, as you create.

Courage, dear you.



Thank you so much Rachel for joining in Inklings Week, a joy to have you be a part of it! And dear readers, I hope you loved this poem as much as I did. I thought it was the perfect way to end Inklings Week after a week of courage inspired posts. Until next year!

About Rachel: Rachel Marie Kang is a mixed woman of African American, Native American (Ramapough Lenape Nation), Irish, and Dutch descent. A writer, editor, artist, and creative coach, she is the founder of Fallow Ink. Her book, Let There Be Art, releases October 2022. Follow along at and on social at

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