Love and Faith

Changes for 2023!

As I hinted with the last post, I’m also moving over my blog to Substack! It’ll be the same kind of posts I’ve always done, but in a platform that works really well for me.

I’ve been eyeing Substack for a while and after some research and testing, I’ve decided to move on over instead of a maintaining a separate email list and blog like I do now. It’s a perfect combination of the two and allows me the freedom to have one focusing my personal writings and one focusing on the Inklings. I truly hope to see you there! If you aren’t familiar, you can read each new post at the links or you can subscribe and automatically get them in your email!

And thank you for reading – it means so much!

Musings of Jamie Substack Newsletter – Sign up here or by clicking on the photo below.

Dedicated Inklings Substack Newsletter – Sign up here.

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