Writing Challenges

30 Day Writing Challenge

For no other reason than it’s the month of August in a few days, I’ve decided to put myself through a 30 day writing challenge. Using a handful of different writing prompt books, my goal is to write a short post every day for 30 days. I’ll post here, since it’ll be the easiest to share around social media. Starting August 1st, my plan is to write the post the night before and schedule it for the morning. We’ll see how this goes! I may end up only writing out 5 posts next month, but I’m game to try.

You should join in too! Whether on social media or your own blog! I’d post the prompts beforehand, but that would mean I was super organized with this and we all know better. If you do, use the hashtag #30DayMusingsChallenge, so I can follow along.

Happy writing!