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The 5 Official Drinks of Books and Beverages

As you have probably noticed, my blog is titled Books and Beverages. On that fateful day in March almost two years ago, I was thinking of a name for this blog and wanted a second “b” word. Since I had a beverage with me, Books and Beverages was born. I know – such a compelling and inspiring story of a blog’s name. But I figured one day I’d incorporate beverages into the blog.

And guess what? Today is that lucky day!! I think the perfect debut is a list of my favorite drinks. You know those ones I like to have whenever, the ones I read with and ones that make an appearance at book club.

Shirley Temples – 98.67% of the time I order this at a restaurant the server either laughs or makes a comment. To which I say, don’t hate son! Yeah, you can always turn this one into an “adult” version, but it’s perfect just the way it is (plus cheaper). You know, for those days when a little cherry flavor goodness just feels right.

Ho Ho Ho Punch – Thank you Pinterest for helping me find this simple, yet oh so tasteful and refreshing drink! It’s supposed to be a holiday style drink, but I can find any reason to celebrate, so I deem this a year-around drink. Three ingredients are all you need: Ginger ale, frozen strawberries and Champagne. Pour them all together in a bowl and deliciousness is served.

Cream Soda – Some people hate this drink. They probably also hate kittens and smiles too. Not my bad if you want to live life in sadness. My favorite brand is probably IBC Cream Soda, but I’ll take A&W too. I try not to drink too much soda, but this one is hard to resist.

Blackberry Sage Tea – I love tea. I can drink it all day. Made by the wonderful folks over at Republic of Tea, this is perfect just the way it is. It doesn’t even need sugar or cream added. I usually drink it hot, but it tastes just as fine cold.

Peach Tea – I love all things peach (except candy, I know strange), so any type of peace tea and I’m in. And if you’re driving around looking for a quick drink, Burger King randomly has tasty peach iced tea (this was discovered in a moment of weakness, when I was craving a burger and fries).

There are a few more I could definitely add to this list, but I’ll start with these. So what are your favorites and something I should try? I’m always up for trying a new drink and if it’s tasty I’ll include in the next version of B&B’s drink list!

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6 Ways to Irritate a Book Nerd

For for those who don’t read, book nerds might seem a little weird. I get this, I do. So, today I want to help you understand a little more about our world. You see, there’s certain things that can really irritate a book nerd and I figure I would provide some insight. Of course this list is all fun and games (but really pay attention 😉 ).

1. If you see me reading a book that doesn’t mean interrupt me. I’m not quite sure when reading equated to “oh I’m not doing anything, so please go ahead, chat.” I don’t go around pulling out your earphones while you’re listening to music, so let’s go ahead and let me read. Unless the building is on fire, then you can interrupt me. I guess.

2. If I let you borrow a book, treat it like your firstborn child. Since it was lent to you in pristine condition, it’s not okay to return with a bent cover and/or ripped pages. You might as well punch me in the gut. (Based on a true story. Not the punching part, the returning a book like it went through a tornado part).

3. Please don’t act like my favorite fictional characters aren’t real. Because they are. If you say that again I’ll will be forced to karate chop you in the kneecaps.

4. Please don’t insinuate I have too many books. I do not understand what this phrase “too many books” means. There is no such thing.

5. Please also don’t say “Oh I don’t need to read the book, I saw the movie!” They are not one in the same. And as a #5.5 bonus, please never ever, under any circumstances, utter the words: “The movie was better than the book.” Ever. You thought a karate chop to the knees was bad…

6. You don’t really need to question why I re-read a book kay? You watch movies more than once right? Good. Glad we got that settled.

BONUS! Please don’t give the movie poster cover version of a book to a reader. It’s consider a crime.

As you can see, I love my books. Maybe a bit too much ;), but I don’t think I’m the only one! So fellow readers, what things have caused you to become a bit feisty?

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3 Things Guaranteed to Happen at Book Club

One of my favorite things to do is talk about books. They’re some of my favorite discussions; whether through twitter, blogs, online or in person. Let’s talk about books baby! Let’s about bookkks…

While there are some book clubs are hard core (and nothing wrong it that), complete with printed out discussion questions and such, I wouldn’t put our book club in that category, per say. I would actually put it in the furthest one possible from that.

But here’s three things you can expect if you come to one of our clubs!

1. There shall be food. Preferably ones containing lots of healthy things like carbs and sugar. Calories don’t count during book club. Really. We’re talking about books, which is exercise for our brain, which is kinda like burning calories. See what I mean? So go ahead and eat those cupcakes.

2. There shall be 879 rabbit trails taken in our discussions. These are the best. Why stick to one topic when you can expand your horizons to everything else? How a discussion of scientific developments turns to the latest concerts in Austin, one might never know, but it’s a tons of fun!

3. There shall be awesome people there. Trust me, my friends are amazing!

How are your book clubs? Any favorites?

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The Drama of a Giftcard

You would think giving a book nerd a gift card to B&N (that’s what the cool kids call Barnes and Noble) is the perfect gift. But let me tell you, it stresses me out. Do you think I can handle that kind of decision making when I can barely decide what to wear in the morning?

This is the normal thought process when a gift card is placed in my hand.

1. Oh man, now I can get really cool versions of my favorite books (you know, the ones I already have 3 different versions of). Like maybe a gold leaf leather bound version of the Lord of The Rings trilogy. Yeah, just what I need.

2. Wait, should I get some of the books on my to-read list instead? Maybe make it a game to see how many I can get with my gift card. But what if I don’t like it and I then get sad I spent my gift card funds on it. Nope, gotta trust the purchase. Gotta trust it.

3. I know, I could get crazy and just roam through the shelves and go with something random (who said I’m not adventurous?). Yep, that’s what I’ll do.

4. But wait, I forgot about the journal section of B&N. Have you seen the options they have? Organizers, leather bound versions, I mean, they just suck you in like a moth to a flame. I.can’t.stop.

Yep, that’s what goes through my head. Since I have used a gift card for all of the above, I tend to just go in circles in my decision process. With recent Christmas gifts though, I mixed it up and got a copy of a book I really enjoyed and one I haven’t read by one of my favorite authors.

I mean what do y’all do with a gift card? Or do these “dramas” only go on in my head?

Which sadly, is quite possible. 🙂