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E-Reader vs. Paperback…Who Wins?

Ah yes, the great debate among readers around the world! We don’t play in the book world either folks. There are some strong opinions about this matter. There are those who refuse to even look in the direction of an e-reader and there’s some who are waving good bye to the paperback without even a backward glance. I figured it was about time to bring the discussion to Books and Beverages. Are you ready?

Alright…Let’s do this.

Please don’t judge that those books are against the wall on the floor. I’m waiting for the Beast to come along and build my stinkin library. long does a girl have to wait for such things?

1. Logistics
I try to travel as much as I can. I realize this isn’t shocking to most of you. If there’s a plane nearby I need to be on it. My nieces live in a different state, so I go through withdrawals rather often. For frequent fliers, the Kindle is like book manna from heaven. I remember the days of stuffing three books in my carry-on and you know how awesome those days were? Negative 800. Plus the FDA finally figured out that keeping my kindle on during take off won’t bring down the plane, so I can read the whole ride through.

I can also read at night without much fuss because I don’t have to deal with lights. Unless they bring back The Clapper, then the kindle gets major points for this. Also, this might seem funny, but with a kindle, large novels don’t seem as daunting in e-reader form. That could just be a Jamie thing though.

Another key point? If I finish a book that ends on a cliffhanger, I can download the next book immediately.

Books? The battery doesn’t die (although Kindles have some pretty awesome battery life). Also, when I’m perusing the shelves for a book, hard copies are much easier to go through (and I can look at pretty colors/covers) then to scroll through a list of hundreds (no lie) of books on my Kindle. But…

…still gotta give the edge to the Kindle.

Kindle 1 | Paperback 0

2. Nostalgia
There’s no nostalgia connected with a kindle. I gave away my first one without a second look. Books? I still have the books I read when I was 8.

Kindle 0 | Paperback 1

3. Cost
Oooo…this one is pretty close. While the initial investment of an e-reader (whether iPad or Kindle) is a bit more than any book out there, if you have a smartphone you can download the app for free. Then those sneaky E-specials. If you aren’t careful, you’ll download 87 books and not even know how you got there.

But books can be cheap too. Have you seen some of the deals at Barnes and Noble these days? Plus for new releases, the book cost is pretty darn close to the e-copy price. But let’s be real, the Kindle edges the paperback out.

Kindle 1 | Paperback 0

4. Appeal
Which one is more pretty? You might think this is an easy one. But what if I don’t like the cover? With a kindle, all people see is a pretty purple cover. But when there’s a beautiful cover? I want the world to know! Plus I love coming across people reading books I love and striking up conversations. This just happened on a flight last month. The lady next to me was reading a Francine Rivers’ novel, so in my head we instantly became best friends. Anyway, we ended up chatting for a good 30 minutes and it was fantastic!

Kindle 0 | Paperback 1

5. Benefits
You know what some of my favorite books are in my library? The ones signed by the author. Can they sign the back of your Kindle or iPad? Sure! But that would be lame. And if I lose a book? I’d be slightly saddened. Lose my Kindle? I’d take a day off to recover (that may have been slightly exaggerated).

Oh, but the ease of a kindle!! I can carry it with me wherever I go, so really I can read for 5 minutes at the grocery store line or fill in those never ending waiting room moments. The little guy is a life saver. And I simply can’t ignore the number of authors I’ve been willing to try and feel in love with their style because of a free e-book.

Kindle 1 | Paperback 0

Time to tally up!!! And the final score is…..

Kindle 3 | Paperback 2

You know, can’t say I’m surprised, the Kindle does work a bit better for me. But I love them both and plan on keeping both of them for quite some time. P.S. I know there are plenty of quality e-readers out there, I just happen to be a fan of the Kindle.

How about you guys? What’s your preference? Who wins the great debate for you?! I’d love to hear your thoughts!