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Because I Love The Insta

I finally made it to two Indie bookstores in Denver this past weekend and because I might have an obsession with Instagram and books, I may have started a new account featuring bookstores and libraries I visit. I’m all about living the Nerd Life Internet. Plus, supporting them is pretty much supporting myself, so wins for everyone 🙃.

It’s @bookstoreandlibrarylove if you want to follow! In case there’s any issues with the link and photos below, you can find it here!

Bookish Radness

Organizing Personal Libraries….Mine is a Hot Mess These Days

I recently had to purchase another book shelf. My shelves were already double stacked and then there were all kinds of wonderful books from the INSPYs, purchases and recent tours, so I deemed it necessary to spend $20.00 at Target instead of having my room become random mountains of books.

So while books are no longer all over the floor, my organization is all over the place. For the Monk in me this is no fun. It got me thinking (and you can thank Pinterest) about how I should organize my books. So what about you?

How do you organize your books?

My dilemma is this. My previous (and full) shelves are nice and organized. Fiction books are organized by author and then alphabetical order, my Inklings have two shelves of their own and non-fiction is, for the most part, divided by topic. Anyone else have to keep non-fiction and fiction completely separate? I like knowing I can go to a certain section and find books about a specific topic. What I can’t have is a grad book (that I can’t seem to let go of) about the Nazi agenda in the 1930s German Church next to 1984 next to Timothy Keller. Commence panic mode in my house. The woes of a reader right? 🙂

This new shelf? It’s all kinds of chaos. Most of it is my TBR mountain and the rest is recent books I’ve read, sorta organized by author, but mainly squeezed in to make as much room as possible.

So I did what I do best when I need ideas.

I took to Pinterest.

Well, instead of solving my shelf organization dilemma, I found beautiful libraries instead. Oops. Here’s a few favs because sometimes I just need to stop and appreciate the beauty.

via here, here, here

(L) Jay Walker’s Library: So entrepreneurship is the way to go to get this. I mean, y’all. (R) Clearly I need to be friends with George Lucas. via here and here

I’m really curious how your bookshelves are. Do you have a system? Or are you more of a read and pass along the book? Do you stick with borrowing from the library (I will say I adore mine)? I look forward to stealing all your ideas :).