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4 Questions with Award Winning Gina Holmes | Author Interview

(This interview is part of my 4 Questions Project, where I get the chance to chat with authors and tell stories of people, life, and adventure. Be sure to check out previous interviews here!)

Today is kicking off with award winning author Gina Holmes! If you’ve read her books, you know they pack a punch of emotions, but are so incredible and such deep reads. I recently read her debut Crossing Oceans and cried all the tears and last year had the chance to read Wings of Glass, which was another incredible read. So yep! I’m super excited to host her (and of course a giveaway!). Enjoy friends!

Gina Holmes is the founder of Novel Rocket, regularly named as one of Writers Digest’s best websites for writers. Her debut, Crossing Oceans, was a Christy and Gold Medallion finalist and winner of the Carol Award, INSPY, and RWA’s Inspirational Reader’s Choice, as well as being a CBA, ECPA, Amazon and PW bestseller. Her sophomore novel, Dry as Rain was a Christy Award finalist. Wings of Glass has been named as one of the best books of the year in 2013 by Library Journal and was a SIBA Okra pick and a finalist for Romantic Times’ Reviewers Choice Award. Her latest novel, Driftwood Tides is in stores now. She holds degrees in science and nursing and currently resides with her family in southern Virginia. She works too hard, laughs too loud, and longs to see others heal from their past and discover their God-given purpose. To learn more about her, visit

1. What is something about your life right now that you would have never imagined 5 years ago?
Right now, my youngest son is 18 and getting ready to graduate high-school. I knew it would be emotional, but I had no idea just HOW emotional it would be. When he was a little guy, I would cry just thinking of the day he would leave home. Then, he went through the typical teenage years, where I began to think I might survive him leaving home just fine, ha. Now that it’s fast approaching, I find myself crying and mourning the loss of him as a child I can protect from the world. I have one more son who is 13 and I imagine his flight will be even harder since it will be an empty nest situation. It’s good too, don’t get me wrong. Bitter sweet like most of life.

2. What is one thing that you would go back and do differently if you could?
Wow, you ask some tough questions. Even after I became a Christian, I didn’t always live out my faith. I still don’t at times. If I could go back, I’d have tried much harder to live within the parameters God set out in the BIble. I used to think God was kind of a kill-joy. Now, I realize He just wants to protect us. I could have saved myself and others a lot of grief.

3. What is one of the happiest moments of your life?
My children being born of course and getting married, the usual wonderful stuff. Since this is a book blog though, I’d have to go with the moment I was working as a nurse and got the call that my first novel, and personal favorite, Crossing Oceans, was being offered a contract by Tyndale House. I still remember my agent telling me, “It’s okay to scream.” I was working in the newborn nursery at the time, so it really wasn’t, but it was okay to cry, and I did.

4. What is one thing you want the next generation to know?
Wow, there’s so much. That’s the right of passage for middle-age, having the desire to share what you’ve learned the hard knock way, with a younger generation (who won’t heed anymore than we did at that age). I guess my best piece of advice ties along with my biggest regret. Put God first, right now. Heed His word because it’s the answer to everything.

Thank you so so much Gina for sharing some of your heart with us! I was so encouraged by this and can’t wait for what ever you pen next!

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