International Inklings Day

So what is International Inklings Day?

It celebrates these two geniuses and the beginning of their friendship. On May 11th, 1926, Tolkien and Lewis were gathered for English tea with Oxford English faculty at Merton College and met for the first time (read the story here). This would begin a 40 year friendship and this friendship would inspire generations to come and also help to produce some of literature’s greatest masterpieces and one worth celebrating. Join us every year for Inklings Week during the week of May 11th! You can also follow along on Instagram @internationalinklingsday and Facebook!

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The Inklings Series

Back in my Books and Beverages days, I had a monthly series dedicated solely to the Inklings (mainly the works of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien), where I would pick a book a month lead the discussion. Below is the archive. While the comments and discussions sadly didn’t carry over to the new blog, please feel free to join in any of the past discussions!